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Is x16 RAM still slower than x8 with DDR5? We’ve tested 10 games at 2 resolutions to find out the differences! Check prices of laptop tested (Legion 5i Pro):

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x8 vs x16 DDR5 Laptop Memory Comparison Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
0:42 Video Sponsor – Gigabyte!
1:16 DDR5 Memory Details Still Missing
2:07 We Don’t Know What Memory We’re Buying
2:51 This Problem Isn’t Company Specific
3:16 Laptop Used For Testing
3:39 Memory Tested (DDR5 x8 vs x16)
3:59 Size Differences
5:02 10 Games Tested at 2 Resolutions!
7:53 Does Optimus On Change Results?
8:23 1080p Average Differences
8:53 2560 x 1600 Average Differences
9:15 Memory Latency / Read & Write Speed
9:34 Laptop Companies Get Same Results
9:49 Why x8 & x16 Isn’t Important For DDR5
10:33 Best RAM For Gaming Performance!

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