Marvel’s Spider-Man REMASTERED, Previously Exclusive to Playstation, NOW on PC where it can TRULY BE SPECTACULAR! And we finally have the real details on Ray-Tracing, Minimum Specs, Maximum Specs, Recommended Specs, Best GPU, Framerate, 1080p, 1440p, 4k, and 60FPS +, and PC exclusive Features…
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0:00 Opening
1:40 The HYPE is REAL
3:51 New PC Features
4:17 Unlocked FPS
4:52 NVIDIA Enhancement
5:06 Ray-Tracing
6:46 Ultra-wide Support
8:00 Controller Customization & Mouse Support
9:21 Accessibility Options
9:41 Recommended PC Specs for Spider-man Remastered
13:03 PC Perks
15:23 Modding…