Why do pronouns make some people crazy?
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The Study I referred to that suggested simple gendered language use directly affects human behavior; (actually this isn’t the exact study, but it’s very similar, and I’m tired and lazy)
‘Language influences mass opinion toward gender and LGBT equality’
“Pronouns and the Mental Salience of Gender Categories.
The evidence so far supports the claim that gender-neutral pronouns significantly reduce the mental salience of males relative to nonmales.”
To improve gender equality and tolerance toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities, several nations have promoted the use of gender-neutral pronouns and words. Do these linguistic devices actually reduce biases that favor men over women, gays, lesbians, and transgender individuals? The current article explores this question with 3 large-scale experiments in Sweden, which formally incorporated a gender-neutral pronoun into its language alongside established gendered pronouns equivalent to he and she. The evidence shows that compared with masculine pronouns, use of gender-neutral pronouns decreases the mental salience of males. This shift is associated with individuals expressing less bias in favor of traditional gender roles and categories, as reflected in more favorable attitudes toward women and LGBT individuals in public life. Additional analyses reveal similar patterns for feminine pronouns. The influence of both pronouns is more automatic than controlled.