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Jarrod & Steve from @Hardwareunboxed answer your recent questions about VRAM and fight about gaming laptops vs desktops!

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0:00 Welcome Back To Hardware Unboxed!
0:11 Video Sponsor – HyperX
0:56 Does VRAM matter as much for laptops as desktops?
5:15 Is 16GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming laptops?
10:37 Worth spending more $ for 12GB VRAM for 1440p gaming?
12:06 How will RTX 3060 laptops with 6GB VRAM go in future games?
15:41 RTX 4060 8GB VRAM laptop enough for games in 3-4 years?
18:50 Gaming laptops vs desktops – Jarrod & Steve Fight!
26:17 Which Laptop / Desktop for Computex Travel?
29:19 Will entry/midrange GPUs be affordable again?
37:22 Best GPU for 1440p gaming on laptop & desktop side?
43:28 GDDR6 vs GDDR6X VRAM, can faster memory make up for less capacity?
46:46 Is eGPU + laptop setup viable / close to desktop?

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