FIVE different easy methods to crack into a cheap Sandleford safe found in the dumpster, WITHOUT using physical force. Including a bonus 6th method that doesn’t work on this one.
Don’t buy cheap hardware store safes, they are garbage!
Also advice on what to look for in a good quality home security safe, and TDR safes. Plus some lock picking.

00:00 – Don’t buy cheap harwdare store safes!
00:47 – The Default Code
01:29 – Picking the cheap wafer lock
02:42 – Bumping the safe
03:28 – How bumping works. A look inside the mechanism
06:35 – Just punch out the cheap lock
07:11 – Coathanger attack
08:24 – They tried to prevent it and STILL failed! LOL
09:23 – Solenoid & Reset code wire attack
11:42 – The physical construction is just LAUGHABLE!
12:36 – Magnetic attack
13:03 – LOL I locked myself out & have to pick it again!
13:41 – So what IS a good quality safe?
16:35 – TDR Safes
17:50 – Inside a good quality key lock safe
19:12 – Conclusion

How secure are electronic safe locks?


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