Dave analyses Veritasium’s video “The Big Misconception About Electricity” and how energy flows in the Poynting vector in the electromagnetic field OUTSIDE the wire instead of inside the wire.

00:00 – Veritasium’s video “The Big Misconception About Electricity”
00:32 – Rection to the points in the video
01:11 – This is a bit MISLEADING!
02:28 – Electron drift
03:51 – Engineers use different tools and theorems
04:27 – Every electrical engineer knows this
05:17 – Everything he says is correct
08:24 – What is current?
09:30 – He doesn’t address this in the video. Poynting vectors at DC
11:12 – How the lightbulb works
12:41 – At the physics level, it’s correct
14:11 – My only problem with this is…
15:08 – Is it just an academic discussion?
16:17 – The undersea cable is just early transmission line theory
17:20 – So what is the answer to the question?
22:06 – What about skin effect and DC?
25:44 – Let’s simulate this and answer the question
29:18 – Transient analysis
33:00 – DC Steady State analysis
34:28 – The quantitative values don’t matter
38:25 – But what about DC steady state?
40:24 – What does Richard Feynman think?

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