This PC recently came in as a trade-in, and upon inspecting it, I was shocked that a shop could charge so much for a Gaming PC. With entry level parts fitted through out, and very questionable choices of hardware used. I was surprised to see it was just this bad.

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00:00 Break down of the system, what the customer paid, and why so excessive…?!
02:31 we have no display signal…
04:16 replacing the GPU for an RX 570 quickly, and upgrading the computer.
04:50 ANOTHER problem…. lol
06:07 memory diagnostic test, and the final clean.
06:42 and yet ANOTHER problem…. ugh… selling used CPUs as new?
08:02 Getting onto selling the system and the GTX 1060 3G, works though need to order a part for it.
9:38 the final message… and a 350 Watt Power Supply?

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